“Most Rehabilitated Man in America” Speaks on Solitary Confinement and the California Hunger Strike
Date:  07-23-2013

Journalist once imprisoned for over 40 years writes on why we should care when inmates stage a protest
Wibert Rideau was referred as “the most rehabilitated man in America, by Life magazine. Rideau spent almost 44 years in prison, much of it on death row until a new trial brought a conviction of manslaughter rather than murder.

Now an award winning journalist, Rideau’s acclaimed autobiography “In the Place of Justice: A Story of Punishment and Deliverance” includes the topic of solitary confinement. In a recent Op-ed piece in the New York Times Rideau writes about the massive California prison hunger strike over solitary confinement policies, and helps us understand why inmates felt it was their only option.

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