Some States Pushing to Expedite Executions of Death Row Inmates
Date:  06-20-2013

While other states have abolished the death penalty, North Carolina and Florida want to ramp it up
The death penalty is one of the most controversial issues in the criminal justice system. In some states lawmakers have taken the death penalty off the books. However a new report by Stateline, the daily news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts reveals that other states not only support the death penalty but are also are seeking to hasten executions.

In her recent article, Maggie Clark, writes that not only are some states pushing to expedite executions, but there is a move in some states that have abolished the death penalty to reinstate it. Highlights from Stateline article disclose:

  • Republican lawmakers in North Carolina, which hasn’t executed any convicts since 2006, repealed the state’s Racial Justice Act. That law created an additional appeal for death row inmates who believed their death sentences were the result of racial bias. GOP legislators also ended medical licensing board restrictions that kept doctors and nurses from administering execution drugs.

  • Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott recently signed a law that will speed up Florida’s execution process. The governor now must sign a death warrant within 30 days of the Supreme Court certifying that an inmate has exhausted all appeals. The execution date must be six months from the date of the warrant.

  • California death penalty supporters are working on a citizens’ initiative for the 2014 ballot to restart the death penalty in that state. Last year’s attempt to end the death penalty on the ballot failed.
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