Reclaiming Futures Leadership Institute Offers Resources from Recent Workshops
Date:  06-19-2013

Topics include youth substance abuse, and mental health
On May 7 -8, 2013 Reclaiming Futures Leadership Institute held a series of workshops on juvenile justice reform in Ashville, North Carolina. The workshops, presented by some of the top names in the various fields covered at the forum, included topics on recovery, communication, behavior, faith communities, and treatment, are based on best-practices. Click here to go to website.

The following presentations, listed with the names of presenters, can be accessed by PDF, PowerPoint presentation, or Word Document, by clicking at the link at the end of this article:

  • Youth Recovery Photo Voice: What Recovery Means to Young People, Laura Nissen

  • Changing Systems at the Local & Statewide Level: Tools for Collaboration, Analysis & Implementation, Jessica Jones and Doug Easterling

  • Road Map for Change: Strategic Communications for Maximum Impact, Mac Prichard and Lori Howell

  • Tools for Change: Implementation & Rapid Cycle Tests, Kari Collins

  • Global Appraisal of Individual Needs (GAIN): An Introduction & Opportunity to Ask Questions, Michael Dennis and Kate Moritz

  • The Seven Challenges (Youth Substance Abuse). Robert Schwebel

  • Road Map for Change: One Faith Community at a Time by Michael Dublin, Consultant, Faith Works Together Coordinator

  • Communications for the Long Haul – for mature sites, Mac Prichard and Lori Howell

  • More Than Treatment: What is It and How Do We Measure It?, Evan Elkin

  • The Future Begins Today: Planning for Sustainability, Dan Merrigan

  • Facilitating a Culture of Participation and Productive Decision Making (The Three Most Important Elements of Facilitation, Pathfinders Circle of Communication, 12 Facilitation Guidelines), Kathleen Doyle-White

  • Evaluating the Impact of Adding the Reclaiming Futures Approach to Juvenile Treatment Drug Courts by Michael Dennis, Director - GAIN Coordinating Center, Chestnut Health Systems

  • How to Manage Yourself and Others Through the Stress of Change by Kathleen Doyle-White, Founder & President, Pathfinders Coaching

  • Rest Stop: Self-Care and Leadership Survival
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