The “Best” Wrongful Conviction Articles
Date:  04-01-2013

ProPublica’s MuckReads highlights some of the most egregious cases of wrongful convictions

ProPublica describes MuckReads as “an ongoing collection of watchdog reporting,” and encourages contributions. Click here to go to website A recent MuckReads story by Theodoric Meyer and Christie Thompson offers a look at some of the “best reporting on wrongful convictions.” Each thumbnail description provides a link to an original article. Meyer and Thompson were inspired to delve further into cases of wrongful convictions by the recent release of David Hanta who spent over two decades locked up for a crime he did not commit. Hanta’s release, and the subsequent heart attack he experienced one day into freedom, made international news. Thanks to Meyer and Thompson horror stories of other wrongful convictions from the past are being resurrected.

The selected articles are divided into three categories, Case Flaws, DNA Evidence and After Incarceration. Most of the cases are recent, one goes back to 1990. All of them are riveting and inspire a range of emotions, mostly anger at a system that incarcerates, and sometimes executes, innocent people.

Source: ProPublica Click here to go to website

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