User Friendly Recidivism Reduction Checklists Offered
Date:  03-07-2013

Separate checklists created for executive and legislative policymakers, state corrections administrators, and state reentry coordinators
The Council of State Governments Justice Center is offering what it describes as a “user friendly” series of checklists “to assess state recidivism reduction policies and strategies.” The checklists were created to aid those in specific areas:

  • Executive and Legislative Policymakers

  • State Corrections Administrators

  • State Reentry Coordinators

    CSG also provides a webinar on the checklists click here to go to website

    The CSG announcement included the following information on what the checklists were designed to do:

  • The checklists include actions related to measuring recidivism and setting reduction targets; policies and practices that research has shown to reduce recidivism; and administrative practices that are necessary for ensuring data-driven accountability for results. The checklists present similar information, but with varying levels of detail to meet the needs of distinct audiences.

  • The policies and practices in the executive and legislative policymakers’ checklist fall under three key steps, while the policies and practices in the state corrections administrators’ and state reentry coordinators’ checklists are organized by five common goals. These key steps and goals align to ensure that all stakeholders have a common understanding of the key policy components that impact recidivism.
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