Audit of Privately Owned Ohio Prison Finds Inmates Forced to Defecate in Plastic Bags
Date:  02-07-2013

Corrections Corporation of America prison penalized for lack of toilets, running water, improper medical care, staff shortages and overcrowded cells
Reentry Central has posted several articles on private prisons, including one based on a Fortune Society report that found:

  • From 1999 to 2010 the use of private prisons increased by 40 percent at the state level and by 784 percent in the federal prison system.

  • In 2010 seven states housed more than a quarter of their prison population n private facilities.

  • Claims of private prisons' cost effectiveness are overstated and largely illusory.

  • The services provided by private prisons are generally inferior to those found in publicly operated facilities.

  • Private prison companies spend millions of dollars each year attempting to influence policy at the state and federal level. To read the report,Too Good to be True: Private Prisons in America, click here to go to website

    On February 2, The Huff Post ran an article with the headline “Lake Erie Correctional Institution, Ohio Private Prison, Faces Concerns About 'Unacceptable' Conditions.” And the conditions that were found in a Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) facility were unacceptable, indeed.

    As if being locked up in solitary confinement wasn’t punishment enough, unlucky inmates at CCA’s Lake Erie Correctional Institution had to defecate in plastic bags or containers, according to The Huff Post. But other serious issues have arisen under the management of CCA. Health and safety concerns continue to be investigated, and those who once supported privatizing Ohio prisons are having second thoughts.

    Source: PrisonReformMovement
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