When the Criminal Justice System, Immigration Enforcement and Child Welfare Systems Meet
Date:  02-05-2013

Children are the victims of the “collateral harm” that ensues
Children of undocumented immigrants can be the biggest victims of the policies that call for the arrest and incarceration of individuals caught living in America without proper documentation.

  • The Sentencing Project and the child advocacy organization First Focus have teamed up to present Children in Harm’s Way: The Intersection of the Criminal Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child Welfare Systems “a multifaceted look at some of the problems that potentially arise for children when the criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and child welfare systems converge in a parent’s life.”

    In a media release, The Sentencing Project and First Focus give highlights of Children in Harm’s Way:

    Introduction: Children in Harm’s Way: Explains the criminalization of immigration laws and the collateral harm to children of immigrants within the context of the children of incarcerated parents movement.

    Family Unity in the Face of Immigration Enforcement: Past, Present, and Future: Describes the evolution of current policies affecting children whose parents are targets of immigration enforcement with recommendations for policy reforms.

    The Treacherous Triangle: Criminal Justice, Immigration Enforcement, and Child Welfare: A reprise of the Shattered Families study looking at the link between immigration enforcement and children’s involvement in the child welfare system.

    Two-Tiered Justice for Juveniles: A case study of efforts by community-based groups to prevent youth who come in contact with juvenile authorities from being deported.

    Potential Immigration Consequences of State Criminal Convictions: Explains federal immigration laws concerning immigration consequences of criminal convictions and challenges to mapping those laws to convictions under state law.

    Immigration Enforcement and Family Courts: An analysis of tensions and inconsistencies between immigration and family law that arise from the different values reflected in these two bodies of law.

    Unanswered Questions about Immigration Enforcement and Children’s Well-being: Summarizes gaps in existing research on the collateral consequences of immigration enforcement.

    Source: The Sentencing Project
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