Richard Crane: Is It Ethical to Incarcerate People for the Sole Purpose of Making Money?
Date:  01-23-2013

Religion & Ethics Weekly presents the moral dilemma encompassing the Louisiana prison system
Louisiana has long been known for its harsh and antiquated prison system. On June 29, 2012 Reentry Central provided the link to Cindy Chang’s eight-part series for the Times-Picayune which revealed some quasi-corrupt policies that imprisons one out of every 86 Louisiana residents. And, on January 11, 2013 Reentry Central exposed the barbaric treatment of animals and inmates who are being used in dangerous rodeo events, all to raise funds to support prison programs.

Now,Religion and Ethics Weekly provides a provocative video and transcript of the interview with correspondent Lucky Severson,The Sentencing Project’s Marc Mauer, journalist Cindy Chang, Richard Crane, the former chief counsel to the Louisiana Corrections Department, Jimmy LeBlanc, Louisiana’s Secretary of Corrections, and Burl Cain, Warden of Louisiana’s notorious Angola Prison. To view both, please click on the link below, and then on “Click image to view.”

Source: The Sentencing Project

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