New Orleans, Louisiana for Life Offers Grants Totaling $500,000 to Help Reduce Murders in That City
Date:  11-23-2012

Local non-profits urged to apply for funding targeting at-risk residents
The violence and murder reduction initiative New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) for Life, under the direction of mayor Mitch Landrieu, announced that the City, along with the Greater New Orleans Foundation, is offering funding for area non-profits that have strong programs with a proven record for reaching at-risk youth, and preventing violence.

New Orleans, which had the highest murder rate in America in 2011, according to an FBI report, is involved in a powerful effort to reach young people before they become the victim or the perpetrator of a murder. In a press release that is part of the funding announcement, the mayor’s office stated. “In addition to the recently-launched public awareness campaign, called “Flip the Script,” new initiatives in the plan include the Group Violence Reduction Strategy, an approach that balances strong consequences for street groups involved in murder with a firm commitment to help individuals who want to turn their lives around.”

The Group Violence Reduction Strategy is based on the David M. Kennedy model, which has been successful in quelling violence in cities across the country. “Flip the Script,” which was announced by the mayor, and actor/film maker Spike Lee in October, is an anti-violence public service project targeting young people. The message of “Flip the Script” is that one can change one’s life, even if one has been involved in serious criminal activity and violence, and that help is available for anyone wishing to turn their life around.

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