National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Offers Summary of Laws Regarding Collateral Consequences in Each State
Date:  10-29-2012

Information for those seeking federal relief is also included
The National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL) has put together a simple to use guide showing the laws of each state regarding the restoration of rights for individuals with a conviction. It also provides information on whether relief from collateral consequences can be obtained.

On October 24 the NACDL announced, “This new resource offers free assistance to those tens of millions of people and their lawyers, offering an interactive map with individual profiles summarizing the law and practice in each U.S. jurisdiction and the federal system regarding relief from the collateral consequences of conviction, including obtaining a pardon, expungement and the restoration of civil rights. Click on a jurisdiction and you will get a short summary and a full profile detailing that jurisdiction’s law relating to both the loss and restoration of civil rights and firearms privileges and discussing any provisions on non-discrimination in employment and licensing. These materials will be an enormous aid to lawyers in minimizing the collateral consequences suffered by clients and in restoring their rights and privileges.

In addition to the jurisdictional profiles, there is a set of charts covering all 50 states plus territories and the federal system that provide a side by side comparison that makes it possible to see national patterns in restoration laws and policies.” click here to go to website

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