What Reentry Services Are Available When “Legally Innocent” Prisoners Are Released from Prison?
Date:  10-25-2012

Not many, USA Today investigation finds
On August 29, Reentry Central posted an article about the American Civil Liberties Union call for the U.S. Justice Department to wield its power in obtaining the release of North Carolina inmates who were sentenced in federal court, but were innocent of the federal crimes for which they were charged, or did not qualify for a sentence enhancement.

After much foot-dragging, the Justice Department allowed several of the wrongfully convicted inmates to be released. Most reentering citizens need help with housing, jobs, food, transportation and health care. The wrongfully convicted who are suddenly thrust out into the street from prison are no different. But USA Today claims that the wrongfully convicted have a tougher time finding a reentry program that is able to help them.

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