Justice Mapping Center Highlights “Million Dollar Blocks”
Date:  10-08-2012

Spending money on reentry programs instead of re-incarceration can slash budgets and improve public safety
In the past Reentry Central has posted information on “Million Dollar Blocks” in New York City. The Justice Mapping Center (JMC> collected the addresses of inmates in New York state prisons and found that several blocks in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn were home to a considerable number of inmates, and the cost of incarcerating people could reach a million dollars annually on each of those blocks. Presenting this information to city leaders was the impetus to use available funds for more reentry programs and resources, thereby reducing recidivism and increasing public safety.

Justice Mapping Center reports have expanded beyond New York City. A recent NPR report looked at New Haven, Connecticut, a city of approximately 130,000 residents. New Haven’s mayor, John DeStefano recently brought back community policing in an effort to stem the tide of rising violence in the city. DeStefano also created the Mayor’s Reentry Initiative, under the direction of Althea Marshall Brooks, to help the 100 city residents who are released from incarceration each month and head back to New Haven. Click here to go to website

NPR discusses the neighborhoods JMC targets as “Million Dollar Blocks” in New Haven, and the efforts that are being taken to build safer and stronger communities by focusing on successful reentry.

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