"Self Reliant" Counties in California Show Remarkable Success in Reducing Prison Population
Date:  08-31-2012

Santa Cruz spotlighted as role model
The Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice(CJCJ)released a new case study that shows how one California county has reduced the number of prisoners by being "self-reliant," which means that instead of buying into the state prison system, the county actively seeks alternatives to incarceration.

According to Daniel Macallair, executive director of CJCJ, "Santa Cruz County highlights the importance of a data driven and structured decision making approach systemic factors and outcomes, rather than exclusively on individual offender behavior; resulting in positive and hopeful local trends. In light of realignment,California counties should look to Santa Cruz as a model for systems change that reduces unnecessary incarceration, while emphasizing due process and offender accountability. Partnerships between practitioners and California-based data experts allow local justice administrators to identify and implement appropriate alternatives to incarceration. This collaborative approach is rooted in cultivating an efficient system that promotes long-term public safety."

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