Reentrants Involved in Educational Programs Less Likely to Recidivate
Date:  07-10-2012

New tool kit offers suggestions on how to engage students involved in the criminal justice system
The New York Reentry Education Network (NYREN), comprised of several well-known organizations working with reentrants to promote education, increase employment opportunities, and reduce recidivism, has issued a new toolkit designed to aid service providers to help those with a criminal background to access education. click here to go to website

The goals of NYREN are:

  • enabling people with criminal justice records to receive quality education appropriate to their needs and aspirations so that they become fully engaged and productive members of their communities

  • making education a core component of the reentry policy, strategy and practice in New York

  • shifting public priorities and resources from incarceration to educational access and success for communities most affected by mass incarceration

    Although the guide was developed by organizations and leaders in the New York area, the strategies that are offered can be adapted to fit the needs of other cities and states.
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