Innovative Music Program in Ohio Women's Prison Puts Moms' Words to Music
Date:  01-11-2021

Healing songs on Zoom calls bring kids and their incarcerated mothers closer
From The Columbus Dispatch:

Maggie Haas leaned forward in her chair and squinted through the welling tears that already clouded her vision as the Zoom boxes popped up like a photo-filled tic-tac-toe board on the television screen in a prison meeting room.

She peered more closely once, twice, then again and again. She really couldn’t believe that there they were, her three beautiful children whose faces she hadn’t seen in a year in a half. She had asked them over phone calls to participate in this Bridges of Love project, a new healing songwriting program run by the local nonprofit, We Amplify Voices (WAV), that recently was piloted at the Ohio Reformatory for Women. But when it was time for the first session in November, Haas’s heart hadn’t let her get her hopes up that the kids would actually appear.

In a matter of seconds, the tears fell so hard and so fast that they formed little pools inside Haas’s cloth mask and she had to push it aside and reach under and sop them up with the balled up wad of toilet paper in her hand. Continue reading >>>