Mississippi to End Tobacco Ban in Its Prisons
Date:  01-03-2021

Profits from tobacco sales will fund MDOC’s Reentry Program
From The News & Observer:

Mississippi officials are hoping that lifting the ban on smoking inside prison will help curb the huge contraband trade that some inmates estimate may run in the millions.

“By selling the same cigarettes that are allowed to free people, we are breaking the contraband tobacco trade, designating smoking areas outside, clearing the air inside for the majority of inmates who don’t smoke, reducing inmate contraband violations, and recouping for taxpayers some of the dollars it takes to run prisons,” Corrections Commissioner Burl Cain said.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections’ decision runs counter to the national trend. Currently, 49 states have banned tobacco use indoors in their prisons. Mississippi banned smoking a decade ago. Continue reading >>>