Ex-Prosecutors on Federal Bench Reinforce Police Impunity: Report
Date:  12-29-2020

The report cites three examples of how the beliefs of federal judges have biased constitutional law and expanded police power
From The Crime Report:

For nearly four decades, vacancies on the Supreme Court and other federal courts have overwhelmingly been filled by former prosecutors, according to a report issued this month by The Justice Collaborative Institute.

As a result, federal courts have developed a body of policing jurisprudence that is distorted by a one-sided and often incorrect narrative of law enforcement – one that “[favors] police power over civil liberties,” write the report’s authors, Jennifer E. Laurin and Kyle C. Barry.

The remedy, they argue, is greater professional diversity in the federal court system, which could be achieved, in part, by appointing civil rights attorneys, legal aid lawyers, and public defenders to the bench.

“Criminal procedure jurisprudence has been imbued with a decidedly one-sided and often factually flawed narrative of policing: that policing is supremely dangerous; that police officers, under siege and sacrificing for the public good, cannot be second guessed; and that even when fundamental constitutional rights are at stake the police are owed great deference and should be trusted,” the authors write. Continue reading >>>