From the Big House to the State House, Tarra Simmons Beat the Odds
Date:  11-07-2020

Having a felony conviction and imprisoned, then pursuing a law degree and fighting successfully to take the bar exam, spurred Simmons to run for office
From the Washington Post:

Winning an election was the farthest thing from Tarra Simmons’s mind in 2013 when she was working at Burger King, worried about how she was going to pay her rent. She had recently been released after a 30-month prison sentence for drug and theft convictions.

This week, Simmons is believed to be Washington state’s first felon to win legislative office when voters elected her to the Washington State legislature.

“From the Big House to the State House … We do recover!” she tweeted Wednesday. The newly elected Democrat will represent the 23rd District in Kitsap County, about 40 miles outside Tacoma. Continue reading >>>