1,400 People Evacuated from Oregon Prisons as Fires Rage Nearby
Date:  09-10-2020

Emergency evacuations comes as attempts are made to curtail spread of COVID-19 in prisons throughout the state
From Oregon Live:

The Oregon Department of Corrections on Tuesday evacuated an estimated 1,400 inmates from three state prisons in Marion County in response to wildfires threatening the region.

The agency confirmed the evacuations from Mill Creek, Santiam and Oregon State Correctional Institutions. The men are being moved to the Oregon State Penitentiary in Salem. Oregon Department of Corrections officials said prisoners will be housed in “emergency beds” at the state penitentiary and will be kept with people from their “home institution whenever possible.”

The prisons that were evacuated were in potential danger due to the growing threat posed by the Santiam and Lionshead wildfires. Continue reading >>>