When Facial Recognition Technology Used By Law Enforcement Goes Wrong
Date:  09-09-2020

Facial recognition technology has a "substantial error rate" among black and brown people
From Vice:

Detroit police wrongfully arrested another Black man based on flawed facial recognition technology that often yields errors in identifying people of color, according to a new lawsuit obtained by Motherboard.

Michael Oliver, 26, was arrested for a larceny he didn’t commit after the software led the Detroit Police Department (DPD) to him in July 2019, according to the suit, filed Friday in Wayne County Circuit Court. Oliver's attorneys provided Motherboard with court documents for the case, which was first reported by the Detroit Free Press and is the second of its kind in Detroit reported this year.

“[Police relied] on failed facial recognition technology knowing the science of facial recognition has a substantial error rate among black and brown persons of ethnicity which would lead to the wrongful arrest and incarceration of persons in that ethnic demographic,” the lawsuit states. The case comes after the same police department was exposed by the New York Times in June for wrongfully arresting 42-year-old Robert Williams after using the algorithmic system. Continue reading >>>