Perspectives on Incarceration and Abolition from People with Experience in the Criminal Punishment System
Date:  08-24-2020

Activists and writers Albert Woodfox , Lyle May, and Reginald Dwayne Betts offer critical insight
From Scalawag Magazine:

While so much of the work around abolition concerns stopping the harms of prison systems that profit off of the criminalization, caging, and theft of labor from Black and brown people, incarcerated folks are finding creative ways to contribute to larger systems of culture and knowledge—both inside of prisons and beyond their walls.

Artists and scholars have always had to forge their own intellectual pathways while incarcerated. That process crafts a certain level of intellectual rigor free from the alienation and inaccessibility that often accompanies traditional academic training.

Learning directly from those caught in the crosshairs of the prison industrial complex is necessary to challenge political structures and address the ongoing harms propagated under the guise of law and order. Here’s a spotlight on some of our favorite thinkers, activists, and writers whose writings and experience with the criminal justice system continue to evolve our ways of thinking. Continue reading >>>