U.S. Marshalls Accused of Spreading COVID-19 Across Federal Prison System
Date:  08-13-2020

Incarcerated people being transported to and from federal prisons are not tested for coronavirus
From The Marshall Project:

Workers at the federal prison in Pollock, Louisiana, a tiny town smack in the center of the state, had been bracing for the coronavirus for months. They knew how ugly an outbreak could get because they’d seen it happen just 60 miles away in Oakdale, where 16 prisoners died and hundreds were infected. But the staff at Pollock had been vigilant, or maybe just lucky. They had no infected prisoners until late July—when COVID-19 was delivered to their doorstep.

One Pollock employee, who requested anonymity for fear of losing his job, recalled greeting a van driven by two deputy U.S. Marshals with a dozen prisoners in the back. No one in the van was wearing a mask or other protective gear. The prisoners had been tested for tuberculosis, but not coronavirus.

The prisoners came from a county jail in Oklahoma with a documented COVID outbreak, but the Pollock staffer said the Marshals told him they only gave the men temperature scans before moving them. When the staff at Pollock ran a rapid test for the coronavirus, four came back positive. A week later, another load of prisoners arrived from the same Oklahoma jail; two tested positive, Pollock employees said. Continue reading >>>