The Crisis of Self-Harm in Arizona Prisons
Date:  06-27-2020

Self-harm incidents in Arizona prisons have increased over 360% during the past five years
From KJZZ:

Dustin Brislan’s arms are covered with scars. They are physical manifestations of his internal struggle with mental health issues.

“I’m a cutter. I cut veins and arteries — so I just start cutting,” Brislan said.

Incarcerated in Arizona prisons for much of the past 20 years, Brislan hasn’t always had access to the mental health care he needs. In the absence of proper treatment, alone in his cell, he repeatedly committed acts of self-harm. “Like if I’m having a bad day or I’m real emotional, then I will cut myself,” he said. “It could be out of anger.”

According to a data analysis conducted by KJZZ, the Arizona Department of Corrections is experiencing a years-long surge in incidents of self-harm among inmates. In the past five years, total annual incidents of self-harm in Arizona state prisons have increased more than 360%. Continue reading >>>