Studies Show That City Violence Prevention Programs Save Lives and Lots of Money
Date:  06-16-2020

Looking at violence a communicable disease the Cure Violence program has a remarkable record for reducing shootings
From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

In the 18 years Paul Tutwiler has led the Northwest Jacksonville Community Development Corporation in Florida, the organization has tried a variety of strategies to reduce the neighborhood’s high levels of violent crime, all of them in collaboration with the local sheriff’s office. None have worked.

“We realized that while we have had some successes in being able to make some improvements in the neighborhood, we really were not solving the problem,” he said. “In fact, we were displacing the problem — removing the problems to other areas, and sometimes, right around the corner or a couple of blocks over.”

The problem needed a fresh look — and to Tutwiler and many other Jacksonville leaders, that look was Cure Violence. The program, which originated in Chicago, aims to reduce violence by approaching it as a communicable disease: In the immediate aftermath of a shooting, trained violence interrupters and outreach workers work in the community and at hospitals to prevent the spiral of retaliatory violence that often follows. Continue reading >>>