Protecting Black Lives: The Crisis of American Policing
Date:  06-12-2020

Vera Institute of Justice commits to work to ensure systemic change
From Vera Institute of Justice:

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Eric Garner, and so many others should be alive today. In just the past five years, there have been 1,254 documented incidents of police officers shooting and killing Black people. This devastating statistic represents just a fraction of our nation’s problem of police violence—and its legacy in slavery and white supremacy.

The police make 10.5 million arrests a year, mostly for minor offenses. In fact, less than 5 percent were for incidents that involved serious violence. Every police encounter threatens escalation, injury, and death. Real accountability in policing is long overdue.

Vera is committed to dismantling the current culture of policing and working toward solutions that defund police and shift power to communities. We need to support the outrage we’re seeing—in the streets, in our communities, and in the media—while investing in long-term solutions. Now is the time to stop tinkering with police reform and to enact wholesale change. Continue reading >>>