Heavy Criticism Greets Connecticut's Decision to Send Incarcerated People Who Test Positive for COVID-19 to a Maximum Security Prison
Date:  05-11-2020

As Connecticut plans on testing everyone in its prisons, critics claim that isolation of sick patients in a maximum security prison "is a punitive measure, not a public health one"
From The Appeal:

Connecticut prisoners who test positive for the novel coronavirus may be sent to a maximum security prison, where they will be isolated in their cells and forbidden from taking showers, according to the state department of correction’s orientation notice for incarcerated patients. Fourteen days after the onset of symptoms, prisoners will be considered for release.

“I feel like they are punishing us for having COVID-19,” said Christopher Russell, a prisoner who was transferred to Northern Correctional Institution, in a statement submitted as part of a lawsuit against the governor and department of correction commissioner. Russell was moved to the facility after he began exhibiting symptoms, but was tested once he arrived. He said he was permitted out of his cell for 30 minutes a day to make two phone calls, and his cell was “freezing cold,” making it difficult to breathe.

“There’s toilet paper with urine on it on the floor of my cell,” he said. “It looks like the cells have not been cleaned in a while.” Continue reading>>>