COVID-19 in Juvenile Facilities
Date:  04-28-2020

Information is updated daily to show numbers of youth and staff in juvenile facilities diagnosed with COVID-19
From The Sentencing Project:

The novel coronavirus has infected over a hundred young people living in juvenile facilities, as well as the staff who work in those facilities. It is vital to relieve crowding in juvenile facilities in order to limit the spread of COVID-19. This can be accomplished by enacting reforms that better serve the needs of young people, such as releasing low-risk youth (as in Fresno County, CA), and the release of adjudicated youth in Colorado.

Roughly 70 percent of incarcerated youth are held on non-violent offenses; their incarceration is often unnecessary and counterproductive. Many other youth, who pose little threat to public safety, can be released to community supervision and supportive services, as well.

Congregate care settings, like residential treatment facilities and juvenile detention centers, make social distancing difficult, if not impossible. Common treatment for infectious diseases in residential settings may include solitary confinement, a particularly traumatic experience for young people. This page (updated daily) shows the growth of COVID-19 positive diagnoses among youth and staff at juvenile facilities and the number of known cases in each state. Continue reading >>>