Connecticut Juvenile Justice Advocates Call for the Release of Juveniles in Detention Centers
Date:  04-08-2020

Preventative measures to protect juveniles in detention are also urged
From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

A coalition of juvenile justice advocates in Connecticut are calling on state leadership to take action to protect juveniles currently held in detention from the COVID-19 pandemic before it is too late. They urge the release of youth held in both the adult and juvenile systems and want more preventative measures to be put in place to prevent the spread of the virus within facilities in the meantime.

“They must treat kids like kids and give them the resources, care and attention they deserve,” said Abby Anderson, the executive director of the Connecticut Juvenile Justice Alliance (CTJJA), during an online press conference on Wednesday. The alliance is a statewide public policy and advocacy organization that is leading the effort to end the criminalization of youth in Connecticut. “We have to do it now.”

The advocates first contacted Gov. Ned Lamont, Chief Court Administrator Patrick L. Carroll III, and Department of Correction Commissioner Rollin Cook on March 19 in a letter signed by Anderson and the leaders of 10 other organizations, including the state’s child advocate, Sarah Eagan. Continue reading >>>