Parole and Probation Heads Call for Drastic Reduction of New Probationers and Parolees over Covid-19 Concerns
Date:  03-18-2020

Call to monitor people on parole and probation by phone, postcards
From The Crime Report:

The nation’s top probation and parole executives are calling on courts and corrections authorities to help prevent the wider spread of the novel coronavirus by “severely” limiting the number of individuals sentenced to probation and parole, or re-arrested for technical violations.

The millions of Americans moving daily between short-term stays in corrections facilities and the larger community have an “elevated potential” to endanger public health because of their potential exposure to the coronavirus in the crowded, contagious environments of prisons and jails, according to an open letter released Tuesday.

The letter signed so far by 40 officials, including heads of some of the country’s largest community supervision agencies, called on state and local authorities to move quickly to limit the additional risk at a time when the number of Americans testing positive for the virus is already multiplying. Continue reading >>>