People in Prison Denied One of the Most Recommended Methods to Reduce the Spread of the Coronavirus
Date:  03-10-2020

Alcohol-based products are forbidden in prisons, but will that change to allow items like Purell to be given to a vulnerable population?
From The Marshall Project:

When Lauren Johnson reached for a squirt of hand sanitizer on her way out of the doctor’s office, she regretted it immediately.

In the Central Texas prison where she was housed, alcohol-based hand sanitizer was against the rules—and the on-duty officer was quick to let her know it. “He screamed at me,” she said.

Then, she said, he wrote her up and she lost her recreation and phone privileges for 10 days.

The incident was a minor blip in Johnson’s last prison stay a decade ago, but the rules hold true today and underscore a potential problem for combating coronavirus: Behind bars, some of the most basic disease prevention measures are against the rules or simply impossible. Continue reading >>>