Are Prisons and Jails Doing Enough to Prevent the Covid-19 Virus From Spreading ?
Date:  03-09-2020

So far the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and many other prisons and jails, have not come up with a contingency plan
From Business Insider:

From More than two million people are being held in jails and prisons across the United States, and oftentimes these men and women are tightly housed.

Preventing the spread of the highly contagious and deadly coronavirus in these institutions will pose unique challenges, medical experts told Business Insider.

"They're unique because these people are in tight confines, often tightly packed, and that's a fertile ground for infectious disease," said Dr. Burton Bentley II, an emergency medicine physician and founder of the consulting firm Elite Medical Experts. "Anytime you have populations that are tightly condensed, the spread of communicable diseases … is obviously elevated and accelerated." Continue reading >>>