Prison Policy Initiative Reveals Five Policies That Can Reduce a Viral Pandemic in Prisons and Jails Now
Date:  03-08-2020

PPI urges swift reform to prevent the Covid-19 virus from infecting incarcerated people and staff members
From Prison Policy Inintiative : Prison Policy Initiative:

The United States incarcerates a greater share of its population than any other nation in the world, so it is urgent that policymakers think about how a viral pandemic would impact people in prisons, in jails, on probation, and on parole, and to take seriously the public health case for criminal justice reform.

Below, we offer five examples of common sense policies that could slow the spread of the virus. This is not an exhaustive list, but a first step for governors and other state-level leaders to engage today, to be followed by further much-needed changes tomorrow.

Quick action is necessary for two reasons: the justice-involved population disproportionately has health conditions that make them more vulnerable, and making policy changes requires staffing resources that will be unavailable if a pandemic hits. Continue reading >>>