Vera Institute's Reshaping Prosecution Program Expands
Date:  02-06-2020

Prosecutors in DeKalb County, GA, Ingham County, MI, and Boulder County, CO recognized for their commitment to transform policies, practices, and culture
From Vera Institute of Justice:

NEW YORK, NY – Across the country, communities have demanded a new approach to criminal justice—and a transformation of what it means to be a prosecutor—by electing a growing cohort of lead prosecutors committed to change. As the gatekeepers of the justice system, prosecutors wield a tremendous amount of power and are uniquely situated to stem the tide of mass incarceration and to ensure justice, fairness, and accountability are more than lofty ideals. However, to make these goals a reality, prosecutors must consider the impact of their actions not only on individuals and individual cases—they must also assess how their office’s practices impact systemic issues of racial inequity and mass incarceration. Continue reading >>>