Legionnaires' Disease Outbreak at Florida Federal Prison
Date:  01-31-2020

Women at satellite prison camp taken to hospital for treatment of potentially fatal disease
From Tampa Bay Times:

A number of inmates at Coleman Federal Correctional Complex’s women’s camp have been diagnosed with Legionnaires’ disease, a kind of pnumonia, according to a Bureau of Prisons spokesman.

At least a dozen inmates have gone to the hospital for treatment, according to women at the camp. They described long lines at sick call and health issues persisting for weeks. Coleman, a prison located south of Ocala, is the largest federal complex in the nation. The women’s satellite camp has 409 inmates. The prison is working with the Florida Department of Health to investigate the source and take precautionary measures, the spokesman said.

Women at the camp and their families outside say the deteriorating building made it ripe for a problem, that staff hasn’t been upfront about the issue and that they’ve had to fend for their own health.

Paul Forkner, a 71-year-old Lakeland resident, said his daughter has been emailing him about the prison’s terrible conditions. She wrote about mold in the bathroom and sewage that spills over. Forkner’s daughter said in places there are chunks of the ceiling missing and air units patched up with plastic bags and T-shirts. Continue reading >>>