Funding Available for Research and Evaluation on Violence Against Women, Fiscal Year 2020
Date:  01-28-2020

Grant funding will be awarded to conduct research and evaluation projects examining a broad range of topics relating to Violence Against Women
From The National Institute of Justice:

NIJ strives to support objective and independent knowledge and validated tools to reduce violence against women (VAW) (including violence against American Indian and Alaska Native women and girls), promote justice for victims of crime, and enhance criminal justice responses. For that reason, this solicitation seeks applications for grant funding to conduct research and evaluation projects examining a broad range of topics including the crimes of homicide, intimate partner and dating violence, rape and sexual assault, stalking, and trafficking, along with the associated criminal justice system response, procedures, and policies.

This year, NIJ is particularly interested in research responding to the following two priority areas:

1. Evaluation research on VAW programs.

2. VAW research.

All applications are due by 3:59 p.m. Eastern Time on April 13, 2020. Applicants must register with prior to submitting an application. This solicitation is competitive; therefore, NIJ staff cannot have individual conversations with prospective applicants. Any questions concerning the solicitation should be submitted to the National Criminal Justice Reference Service: 1-800-851-3420; TTY at 301-240-6310 (for hearing impaired only); at; fax 301-240-5830; or web chat. See also's solicitation FAQ page. The following application elements MUST be included in the application submission for an application to meet the basic minimum requirements (BMR) to advance to peer review and receive consideration for funding: Program Narrative, Budget Detail Worksheet (including Budget Narrative), and resumes/curriculum vitae of key personnel. (For the purposes of this solicitation, “key personnel” means the principal investigator, and any and all co-principal investigators.) Make sure to also go over the application checklist provided in the solicitation before submitting.

Form more information read here.