Using Data to Support LGBTQ Youth in the System
Date:  01-13-2020

What is SOGIE and why is it important in collecting data on a vulnerable population?
From Juvenile Justice Information Exchange:

At the 2019 JDAI conference, Epact had the good fortune to attend a workshop facilitated by our friends at CCLP and PJI in which they raised a very important policy concern for us to consider: How will our commitment to youth justice reform guide our treatment of sexual orientation and gender identity/expression in our systems?

We were inspired by this topic not only because it furthers justice reform for some of our most vulnerable populations, but also has important implications for the data we collect. What do CCLP’s comments mean for how we capture, analyze and report on data?

What is SOGIE?

SOGIE is a newish acronym that stands for Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression. We find SOGIE useful because it helps us consider populations as a whole. Everyone has a sexual orientation, a gender identity and a gender expression. Since we want youth justice systems to work well for everyone they touch, we need to be thinking about (read: measuring and analyzing with data) how these systems treat SOGIE. Continue reading>>>