Five Factors Behind The Murders of Five Incarcerated Men in Mississippi
Date:  01-08-2020

Warnings about potential violence were ignored
From The Marshall Project

Mississippi prisons erupted in violence last week: at least five prisoners were stabbed or beaten to death by other inmates. The Marshall Project has been reporting on prison conditions there for months. In June, we revealed how officials at the privately run Wilkinson County Correctional Facility allowed gangs to run the prison. Since then, current and former prison staff, as well as prisoners and their families, repeatedly warned us that violence could erupt any time. All it needed was a spark to set it off.

The spark came at Wilkinson on Sunday, Dec. 29 around noon, when members of the two main prison gangs got into a fight on the housing unit known as Romeo, according to an incarcerated witness, a current employee and two former officers who shared reports they received from current guards. Prisoners used cell phones to spread news of the dispute to other prisons. Here are five factors that help explain the mayhem that followed. Continue reading >>>