New York to Pay $12.5 to Jail Visitors Subjected to Invasive Body Searches
Date:  12-20-2019

In some instances female corrections officers looking for contraband penetrated female visitors
From Gothamist:

New York City has agreed to pay $12.5 million dollars to settle a class action lawsuit by people who were subject to invasive strip searches while visiting loved ones in jail. It’s the first time the city will pay damages to visitors—not prisoners.

For years, scores of women called 311 to complain they were being invasively searched while visiting jails in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and on Rikers Island.

In the most serious cases, women said female guards penetrated them or forced them to drop their pants and show their sanitary napkins. NAACP Legal Defense Fund Attorney Raymond Audain represents the class and said one of the named plaintiffs in the lawsuit endured a horrific experience. Continue reading >>>