New Report: State-level Criminal Justice Reforms That Can Win in 2020
Date:  12-13-2019

Prison Policy Initiative offers over 20 criminal justice reforms that can be successfully implemented
From Prison Policy Initiative:

State legislatures can determine the future of mass incarceration. That’s why we just published — as we do every December — a report on 20+ winnable criminal justice reforms that state legislators can take on. We publish this report as a PDF with links to more information and model bills, and we’ll soon send it to state legislators across the country. This year, our list of reforms ripe for legislative victory includes:

  • Eliminating probation fees and regulating privatized probation services

  • Banning Departments of Corrections taking kickbacks from prison retailers

  • Decreasing state incarceration rates by reducing jail populations

  • Repealing ineffective and harmful “sentencing enhancement” zones

  • Offering medication-assisted opioid treatment to reduce deaths in prison

  • Protecting in-person visits and letters from home in local jails

  • Ending automatic driver’s license suspensions for nonpayment of fines and fees, and for drug offenses unrelated to driving

  • Capping maximum probation terms

  • Reducing or eliminating jail time for technical violations

  • Reducing barriers to housing for formerly incarcerated people

    Our full report on winnable criminal justice reforms includes more ideas for reducing state prison populations, eliminating burdensome costs for incarcerated people, supporting people leaving prison, and promoting public health and community safety.

    Read the report here.