New Florida DOC Secretary: "The Status Quo Is Not Sustainable"
Date:  12-07-2019

Mark Inch tells officials to take heed of the warning signs or pay later
From The Miami Herald:

It’s hard not to notice the title of the book Florida Department of Corrections Secretary Mark Inch is delivering to every prison warden and legislator who will listen: “The Devil’s Butcher Shop.”

The book by Roger Morris chronicles one of the deadliest prison riots in American history at the New Mexico State Penitentiary at Santa Fe in 1980. For 30 hours on a February weekend, prisoners took 12 corrections officers hostage, mutilated and murdered 33 inmates, hacked some with knives, tortured others with blow torches, and raped and terrorized scores of others.

Inch, who came to Florida after a brief stint as head of the Federal Bureau of Prisons, urges readers to turn to the chapter titled “Foreshadow” because he says he believes the riot was not only foreseeable, it was preventable — and Florida should take heed. Continue reading >>>