Fortune Society's Action Against Landlord Who Refused to Rent to Formerly Incarcerated People Nets $1 Million
Date:  11-13-2019

Settlement 'fires a warning shot' to any landlord in America who automatically refuses to rent to people with criminal justice involvement
From QNS:

The Fortune Society in Long Island City announced a precedent-setting settlement of a landmark federal civil rights case allowing advocacy groups to bring lawsuits against private lawsuits against private landlords who impose blanket bans on renting apartments to people with criminal records.

The nonprofit organization that provides multiple services to formerly incarcerated people who are trying to reenter society, reported the successful settlement of their five-year-long federal litigation alleging the bans are a violation of the Fair Housing Act because they disproportionately and overwhelmingly impact African-Americans and Hispanics.

The owners of The Sand Castle, a 917-unit apartment complex in Far Rockaway, agreed to pay a record-setting $1.1875 million payment as part of the pre-trial settlement. Continue reading >>>