John Grisham: Best Selling Author and Champion of Criminal Justice Reform
Date:  11-06-2019

Reading Grisham's stories is an education in how the system fails people
From The Crime Report:

Best-selling novelist John Grisham, a long-time member of the board of the Innocence Project, has dedicated extraordinary efforts to the problem of wrongful convictions.

The media gives Grisham a hearing, and Grisham uses the opportunities. In a recent Los Angeles Times op ed piece, for example, he set out eight of the reasons for miscarriages of justice that social science surveys of exonerations have uncovered. He pointed to poor police work, jailhouse snitches, prosecutorial misconduct, ineffective defense lawyering, junk science, false confessions, eyewitness error, and sleeping judges.

But as he struggles to nourish public support for reforms with evidence-based lists, Grisham also accepts Princeton psychologist Daniel Kahneman’s observation that “No one ever made a decision because of a number. They need a story.” And Grisham has provided the stories. Continue Reading >>>