Crisis Response Services for People with Mental Illnesses or Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Date:  11-06-2019

A Review of the Literature on Police-based and Other First Response Models
From The Vera Institute of Justice:

Fact Sheet

Many converging factors have contributed to the need for community-based crisis and emergency responses for people with serious mental illnesses (SMI), those having psychiatric crises, and those who have intellectual or developmental disabilities (I/DD). Police-based and related crisis response services for people with SMI, I/DD, or both can play a vital role in reducing justice system contact and improving health outcomes among these vulnerable populations. The Serving Safely initiative of the Vera Institute of Justice (Vera) works to improve interactions between law enforcement and people with mental illnesses and I/DD. The initiative’s Research and Evaluation Committee developed this literature review as a first step toward creating a research agenda for the field that identifies knowledge gaps and prioritizes options for scalable research and evaluation.

An overview of the approaches reviewed The models and approaches described in the review have typically been designed and implemented for people who have SMI or those with I/DD; remarkably few studies have considered both groups. Most research has focused on models and other approaches developed for people with mental illnesses or having a psychiatric crisis. The need for further research on the same or different approaches for those who have I/DD is compelling. Continue reading the Fact Sheet here.

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