'Starve the Beast': Southern Campaigns to Divest, Decarcerate, and Re-Imagine Public Safety
Date:  11-06-2019

Grassroots organizations are transforming justice
From Scalawag Magazine

In La Casa Azul, “The Blue House” in East Point, Atlanta, organizers with the Racial Justice Action Center meet in what they call “the war room;" a room where they discuss political strategy, conditions, challenges, and ultimately decide which campaigns they want to take on.

Founded seven years ago in order to train and support directly impacted people who want to organize grassroots campaigns to transform policies and institutions, the Racial Justice Action Center focuses on three prongs of the criminal justice legal system for reform: policing, courts, and jails.

Years before it was campaign strategy, it was a vision. Marilynn Winn, a lifelong Atlanta resident who had been locked inside the Atlanta City Detention Center before, began to say aloud what needed to be done: the Atlanta jail must be closed. Winn co-founded Women on the Rise, an organization led by formerly incarcerated women. The group teamed up with the Racial Justice Action Center, which is headed by Xochitl Bervera. Continue reading >>>