Reformist Prosecutor Kim Foxx Is Making Sweeping Changes in Cook County, Illinois
Date:  10-24-2019

Her office already refused to prosecute 5,000 cases
From The Marshall Project:

Those who want to reform the criminal justice system are placing their bets on a new wave of prosecutors who have been voted in around the country. Elect a district attorney who will pursue fewer cases, the reasoning goes, and fewer people will be drawn into jails and prisons.

In 2016, Kim Foxx unseated an incumbent in Cook County, Illinois, vowing to transform the nation’s second-largest local prosecutor’s office and to bring more accountability to shootings by police while also reducing unnecessary prosecutions for low-level, non-violent crimes.

One year into her term, Foxx did something no other state’s attorney had ever done: she released six years of data outlining what happened in every felony brought to her office, offering an unprecedented view into the decision-making of prosecutors and its impact. Continue reading >>>