A Horrifying Video of What Goes on in a Notorious Prison in Florida
Date:  10-07-2019

Graphic violence, rodent infestation and a mold-filled kitchen are just some of shocking scenes captured on a video smuggled out of prison
From The Miami Herald:

Scott Whitney, inmate No. U21924, filmed a documentary on the Florida prison system and nobody knew.

At least the guards didn’t.

Over a period of years, the convicted drug trafficker used specially rigged, almost cartoonishly oversize eyeglasses fitted with hidden cameras and a hollowed-out Bible with a lens peeking through the O in HOLY to capture the gritty, ugly, violent world inside Martin Correctional Institution, one of Florida’s more notoriously dangerous prisons.

The video was smuggled out of the prison and given to the Miami Herald. Whitney filmed men brawling or ready to swing locks at each other, inmates passed out on synthetic drugs, mold covering the walls of the kitchen like a coat of dark paint, easily accessible drugs smoked in plain view, makeshift knives traded for a few dollars’ worth of food and other scenes from daily life in a Florida prison. Continue reading >>>