What It Is Like in Prison When Someone Commits Suicide
Date:  08-26-2019

Little is said about how suicide in prison impacts others in surrounding cells
From The Marshall Project:

It was an average Texas prison weekend when it happened. Chow had just finished, and the dorm was settling into its routine. The bolted-down metal tables in the dayroom were cluttered with bowls and commissary food as several women started cooking in preparation for our late night.

Late nights were the times we all looked forward to, during the weekends and holidays when dayroom hours were extended until 1 a.m. This meant more free time, which of course meant more TV. A debate was already raging about whether we would be watching the rerun of “Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1,” or a true-crime special.

I had missed the premiere of “Mockingjay,” so I was in the camp supporting Katniss Everdeen. And by the looks of it, the tide was turning in our favor. My best friend and I were in negotiations for saved seats closest to the television when an ambulance drove down the “main street” of our wing of the prison. This was not an unusual sight. Our unit primarily housed older women with long sentences as well as the mentally ill, so medical emergencies were common. Continue reading >>>