Court Rules It Was Legal for Jail Guards to Force Incarcerated Women to Strip, Remove Tampons, for 'Training Exercise'
Date:  07-22-2019

Strip searches were visible to others not associated with the training
From The Hill:

A federal court ruled that it was legal for guards at a prison to Illinois to conduct a strip search on female inmates, during which the women said they were told to remove their tampons and pads and expose their genitals, for the sake of a “training exercise” for new cadets.

The decision was handed by down by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit in a 2-1 ruling. The ruling was the result of an eight-year-long legal battle brought against the Lincoln Correctional Center over a controversial 2011 strip search.

During the incident, 200 women were told to leave their cells, only to be taken to a beauty salon that connected to a bathroom in the prison, court documents state. Documents also state that the “the beauty shop had mirrored walls, and the bathroom entry was open to the gym, the searches were visible to the people in the gym, including male and female cadets, correctional officers, and civilians.” Continue reading >>>