The Tragic Story of Rick Turner's Descent into Meth, Prison, and Death
Date:  07-17-2019

Mandatory minimum sentences claim another life
From Vice:

On November 6, 2016, 25-year-old Utah police officer Cody Brotherson was hit by a car. The young cop had been laying down spikes to stop three teens from driving off with what appeared to be a stolen vehicle when they struck him. He died at the scene.

Frederick "Ricky" Turner was close to Brotherson, his nephew. The young man's death—preceded by the deaths of both his own parents—threw 35-year-old Turner into an addictive spiral.

"He started self-medicating with meth," said Mandy Richards, Turner's sister. Turner, who lived in northern Virginia, soon met a man named Bassam Ramadan on Grindr and started hanging around his house, doing and dealing meth. On August 10, 2017, Turner acted as middle-man between Ramadan and an undercover cop, helping sell the officer 125 grams of meth. At Ramadan's request, he added a gun to the package, though Turner subsequently insisted the gun wasn't his and didn't appear to have ever used it. He later took part in a second sale of an ounce of meth to an undercover, according to his federal indictment, which said that firearms were present during both transactions. Continue reading >>>