An Ignored and Unseen Crisis in American Prisons and Jails
Date:  06-03-2019

President of Families Against Mandatory Minimums calls for every jail and prison to undergo 'vigorous, independent' oversight
From The Washington Examiner:

There is a humanitarian crisis in our nation’s prisons and jails. Many Americans likely don’t know or care about this crisis, but they should. A recent report showed that half of all American adults has had an immediate family member serve time in prison or jail. And the rest of us are paying for these facilities and the salaries of those who commit abuses. We can’t afford to look away anymore, because the people we’re ignoring are our friends, neighbors, and families.

Every day there’s another story. In Alabama, the Justice Department recently concluded that the level of violence, sexual abuse, and weapons in that state’s prisons has created conditions that violate the Constitution. Arizona’s governor was forced to convene a task force to determine why broken cell locks, which led to the death of a state prisoner and assaults on corrections officers, were neglected for years.

In Florida, a dozen former and current employees at one prison confided to a local newspaper reporter that some of their colleagues had physically abused and starved prisoners. Last month, a mentally ill woman was forced to give birth to a child while left alone in an isolation cell of a Florida jail. And in Ohio, a 36-year-old veteran being held on drug charges committed suicide earlier this month, becoming the ninth person to die in Cleveland’s notoriously inhumane Cuyahoga County jail during the past year. What is going on? Why is this happening? Continue reading >>>